Is Number 8 a struggling number ?

Powerful number which can give success or failure

Is Number 8 a struggling number? No, number 8 is not a struggling number, it is only been misunderstood by some people. Number 8 is the most powerful number in numerology. It is associated with Saturn planet. Number 8 has a lot of massive potential. According to numerology we should try to show the right path to this number and it can create wonders. Struggling here is only associated with hard work through this number, because of Saturn planet, otherwise the end result is victory. It can vanish your hard work can give go immense positive results. Number 8 is the number of material gains but has difficulties in life too specially with their relationships. Number 8 promotes success or failure, depends upon what side of vibration you are associated with. In Chinese numerology the word 'eight' means wealth which is associated with good fortune. Numerology is the right path to show how to succeed with number 8.


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