Lo Shu Grid Report

Accurate predictions based on Lo Shu grid Square

Lo shu grid used to interpret the individual birth chart and see which elements are missing. The Lo Shu Square interprets 5 elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  The numbers which are missing in the date of birth create elemental imbalance in ones life. Using the Lo Shu grid we can have the great insights in anyone's life, We can find the strength and weakness of an individual.

This report gives you a summary of Numbers in your Numerology Lo Shu Chart. This is the unique report which consists of general information of an individual. All the basic key aspects are covered in this report. It is said to be a life guide package which helps an individual to avoid mistakes in life, and how one should prepare to grasp the right opportunity at the right time. It covers briefly all the Personal Information, with your Numerology Lo Shu Grid Chart. It tells you about your Characteristics and Merits.

In this report we analyze all 8 arrows of weakness , Horizontal and Vertical Plane
A. The Arrow of Frustration
B. The Arrow of Suspicion
C. The Arrow of Loneliness
D. The Arrow of Apathy
E. The Arrow of Confusion
F. The Arrow of Losses
G. The Arrow of Indecision
H. The Arrow of Poor Memory

Horizontal Planes
Mental Plane
Emotional Plane
Practical Plane
Vertical Planes
Thought Plane.
Will Plane.
Action Plane.

In general it will let u know what precautions you should take in life to lead a harmonious life. All the Important years of your life with Lucky Days & Dates with colours too. Your health, profession & career details to know what is a better option to opt job or business. We will give you suggestions, remedies along with your name check compatibility with your date of birth.

Find out what your Lo Shu Grid reading says about you and your life

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