Marriages are made in heaven True or False

Know Your Spouse Numerology Compatibility

Marriages are made in heaven True or False Marriages are made in heaven; often this has been written and spoken quite often but very few people understand what it means, it means that the pairs are already prepared for each one of us. But it does not mean that if one is destined to have a pair with less compatibility then one is bound to suffer throughout one's life which many couples are suffering. In numerology we have a solution to this problem. Even if astrologically and numerologically both kundali's has been matched but after marriage the things are not going on right track. It means some correction can be made. Numerological name corrections between couples can develop a better compatibility force between two people.

Actually people are not fully aware of the impact that numerology can have in one's life. Numerology can be used to get a solution of each and every problem of life. It works when a girl is married, she has to change her surname and add her husband's surname. This change can dramatically change your views and interest. It may give harmony with your husband or may not. Thus, in Numerology match is checked not only compatibility wise but also their names after marriage, which impact their life, in a big way. If, by chance we find that the matching according to date of birth is good but according to the name is poor we correct the name spelling numerologically to have good harmony between two couples. Consult me now, and make your own marriage in heaven and enjoy your married life.



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