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Each and every one of us in today's busy life is interested in knowing our future. The Personal Year or Life Path Period is the vibration that you can immediately recognize and receive benefit from numerology; can also be helpful in learning about events over the coming years. It shows the various influences encircled by a person at any given time. A personal year outline could well give you the insights to take advantage of unique opportunities coming in that particular year. In numerology, each year of your life is part of an evolving pattern that can be described as a nine-year cycle or epicycle . These Numerology Cycles begin at your birth and progress, one by one, through nine steps that complete an epicycle, and then begin again. The epicycle starts with a Personal Year1, progresses towards Personal Year 2, and so on to the Personal Year 9. Each personal year is associated with a particular number and has its own characteristics, as symbolized by the number itself:

Personal Year 1: A year of new beginnings, seed-planting, and high energy.

Personal Year 2: A year of Patient waiting, sensitivity, and cooperation.

Personal Year 3: A year of creativity, motivation, hard work and inspiration.

Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, discipline, and opportunities.

Personal year 5: A year of change, freedom, and unpredictability.

Personal year 6: A year of responsibility, home and family.

Personal year 7: A year of self-awareness, spiritual and inner development.

Personal year 8: A year of reward, respect, money and recognition.

Personal year 9: A year of completion, release, and transformation.

What Personal Year number signifies:

 Personal Year Number 1

Personal Year Number 1 The personal year 1 is ruled by the Sun planet. This is an important year and a year of new start. Whatever new activity you start in this year will remain important for a long time. One will show great enthusiasm and high energy in this year. One will feel lucky and receive help from many people. One will feel healthier mentally and physically and will move on the path of progress. Important changes in life will occur in this year which will be for the betterment of the present living situation. You will remain free from fear and anxieties. Successful year with less hard work and stress. This year is also good for reading, writing, appearing in the competition, starting a new financial venture. Do whatever you want to do in this year. This is the no loss period.

 Personal Year Number 2

Personal Year number 2 The personal year 2 is ruled by the Moon planet. This is a slower and consolidation year. This is the year to exercise patient, to trust your intuition, and to enjoy pleasant times with people you love. By doing this at the end of this year you will find yourself pretty much where you want to be. One can improve living situations through patient and good planning. During this year one should avoid unnecessary worry and hurry. Benefit from real estate is indicated in this year. Avoid new work in this year. It is advisable to enjoy this year with your home and family.

 Personal Year Number 3

Personal Year number 3 The personal year 3 is ruled by the Jupiter planet. The influence of this year brings frankness and fearless that may bring them trouble in the future. This is a hard working year, a best time to spend with your friends and family too. At times frustration comes in this year. This is a good year for studies and knowledge. In this year your mind set will not be on one track. You may have short lived interest come and go in this year. This is the time to complete the old projects. Time to test friends before trusting them. In this year one should be careful in public speaking too.

 Personal Year Number 4

Personal Year Number 4 The personal year 4 is ruled by the Rahu planet. It brings success with hard work and difficulties. This is the year where you need to set your goals to be achieved , if you are unable to set your goals in this year you will find this personal year 4 ., to be heavy and restricting. There will be the financial gains in the end of this year. Not a successful year for love affairs and romance. Good spiritual and religious activities. A lot of alertness is needed in this year. Traveling is indicated in this year.

 Personal Year Number 5

Personal Year Number 5 The personal year 5 is ruled by the Mercury planet. This is the year of change and variety. This is the perfect year to change anything in your life. In personal year 5 be ready to except the unexpected. This is the year of less effort and more gains. Year of success and financial stability. Also good for appearing in competition and taking risks. A memorable year. In this year in which one's circle of friends will increase.

 Personal Year Number 6

Personal Year Number 6 The personal year 6 is ruled by the Venus planet. This is the year for home and family. In this particular year most of your energies and thoughts will be directed towards your home and family and the people you love the most. Good for romance and conceiving a child. It's a great time to deal with items of beauty, sensual enjoyment, worldly pleasure and gifts. Family relationships will improve in this year and one will be free from all household affairs.

 Personal Year Number 7

Personal Year Number 7 The personal year 7 is ruled by Ketu planet. This is a quieter gentle year. This is the year of learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom. This is an excellent year to make plans and to analyze things. Many people become interested in spiritual and philosophical matters in this year. Excellent year for occult science. Avoid unnecessary discussions in this year. This is the year in which some difficulties and obstacles occur but this is the only test. Success in court case and lawsuits.

 Personal Year Number 8

Personal Year Number 8 The personal year 8 is ruled by Saturn planet. This is the year of hard work but with a financial pay-off. Money comes in this year but at the cost of health loss. Precautions are needed in health area. Good for social work, property and court cases. Many people are inclined to overwork during personal year 8 and can experience stress and strain. Make a little time in this year to relax and unwind because of your health loss. Recognition is there in this year.

 Personal Year Number 9

Personal Year Number 9 The personal year 9 is ruled by the Mars planet. This is the final year of the eclipse. During this year you may get a number of false leads, but in the last three months you will be clearer where to go and what to do. Slight disagreements will be there in this year. Drive carefully in this year. The chance of unexpected gains at the end of this year is there. Avoid doubting and perfectionism in this year. Avoid marriage, love affairs in this year, as stability is difficult in this year.

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