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Searching the future life partner through numerology sound weird, but it is possible. Know About Your Prosperous Married Life based on numerology. Numerology can be very useful in predicting compatibility. Numerology predictions are based on the numbers obtained from the birth dates and other factors.

Number 1 Husband: You are kind and desire your wife to excel in society. You want your family member to dance to your tune and you will not tolerate lack of respect and indiscipline at any cost. You are an affectionate husband with good heart.

Number 1 Wife: You are dignified by temperament and attract people quite often. You receive great respect from others. You love your home and family. You need an obsessive husband who can offer the romantic outlets that your passionate nature requires.

Number 2 Husband: You are a natural lover and attracted towards home and family. Your nature has two aspects at the same time which may differ according to the situation. One is dominating and exacting, who is an expert in finding fault and nothing satisfies him. Second is inactive, lazy and indulgent. You will marry for the sake of money so that your life is full with all the comforts and luxury.

Number 2 Wife: You are understanding, friendly, and devoted. You are satisfied with anything your husband provides you; however you are moody, unpredictable and sensitive many times. You will not disturb your husband but do the things in your own way. You carry all the responsibilities as a housewife very well and but not interested in spending your time in kitchen for too long.

Number 3 Husband: You attain puberty at an early age and marry early. However you are ambitious and your ambition also make you except too many things from your wife and thus you become disappointed. You desire to have a wife of whom you would be proud. She should have an attractive personality, a commanding presence, charming manners and good aptitude. You are passion, love adventures and demand immediate contentment.

Number 3 Wife: You are a good companion to your husband. You are not an intruder but take an active interest in the business of your husband. You are very effective in housekeeping and have a balanced outlook for your children and family.

Number 4 Husband: You are kind and emotional. You accept a partner who has an active temperament. You are quiet passive which may create unpleasantness. You are sharp and intelligent and except your wife to share her views. You are dominating and want all affairs of the house to run as per your desire. You are liberal, kind and loving heart.

Number 4 Wife: You are smart and attractive. You have an art of dressing well and have a strong will power. You aim at several things but hardly succeed. You love interior decoration but do not have the capacity to work hard. You are arrogant, moody and spoil your day due to your own capricious nature. You love your home but are not attached to it very much. You always wish others to dance to your tune.

Number 5 Husband: You are lucky and successful in married life. Your selection is good and usually you select a person of your own type. You love your partner and except neatness and cleanliness from her. You are proud of your wife and like her to be dressed well. You love your children & home and give them best.

Number 5 Wife: You have a deep interest at home as well as outside. You involve in many activities and manage all of them at the same time. You like neatness and have a commanding personality.

Number 6 Husband: You are attracted to marriage and marriage early. You desire to have a smart, charming and graceful partner. You usually have large family with many children. You have a strong bonding with your family and children and strongly devoted to them. Art is everything to you.

Number 6 Wife:  You are devoted to your husband and family. You are always satisfied with your husband and love domestic life. You enjoy and share all the aspects of married life.

Number 7 Husband: You are very emotional and understand the feelings of you wife. You are very considerate and will never try to impose your ideas on your wife. You are liberal fond of picnics, travels and the cinema, you are a spend thrift and love to live lavishly.

Number 7 Wife : You are moody and your behavior is unpredictable. You get easily disturbed with small matters. You are good at entertaining friends and you like to invite people for parties or dinner. You accept your husband to look after you all the time.

Number 8 Husband: Basically you will have a week desire to get married. You prefer loneliness. You have less attraction for the opposite sex. Usually you postponed your marriage with the result that if at all you marry it will be a very late stage. You will find it difficult to choose your partner. You prefer seclusion to social gatherings as a result of which you make your married your life miserable. You are very orthodox and do not allow your wife to adopt modern ideas. You are deeply interested in serious studies and like to devote yourself to philosophy and occult subjects.

Number 8 Wife: You have a masculine personality. You are systematic, enjoy family life. You like to make sacrifice for your children and for the ambitious of your husband. You just lack feminine feelings, sentiments and delicacy.

Number 9 Husband: Your vigorous health and strong circulation of blood make you passionate about married life. You are fond of good looking partner and passive to your sexual desires. You are fond of family and children and like to have good house. You always demand perfection from your wife. It is difficult to satisfy your romantic conception of physical love. You have a voracious appetite and usually you are suspicious about your wife.

Number 9 Wife: You become a wonderful wife. You are witty and clever conversationalist with a wonderful social presence. You like to assist your husband in business. You may also start your own activity and add to the family income. You will be happy if married to a passionate and possessive man.

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