History of Numbers

Know About the History of Numerology

The history of the numbers is as old as the recorded history of a man. Numerology was in use in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and china and is to be found in the ancient books of wisdom such as Hebrew kabala. Its origins go even further beyond into the temples of Isis, Atlantis and Lemuria.

Types of numerology

There are three main types of numerology acknowledged and often used today:

  • Kabbalah system

  • Pythagorean system or Western numerology

  • Chaldean system

These three formal systems of numerology are all anticipated to help you discover the world around you through numbers, though the calculations they each use vary slightly.  On the entire listed method some numerologist uses a combination of all or may be any one of them for the predictive part.

Understanding Numerology

Life is a manifestation of energy. Everything in our universe has its own vibrations moving in a certain way, moving at a certain speed. We all are effected by these vibrations and must learn to work with them rather than against them. We must harmonies our personal vibrations to those of the universe, and although we are all made up of the same elements, they are present in different and unique combinations. No two people are very exactly alike. All of us follow a life path that is pre destined. We cannot bring anything into life that is not predestined, nor can we reject anything that is. Both the undertones and overtones of numerology and any of the other Meta physical sciences are extremely spiritual. The two things never promised anyone in life. The first is happiness, the second is unhappiness. Life in essence is very simple. We live this life to grow, to manifest, and to achieve spiritual knowledge and universal love. They answer the question of where we come from, where we are going, and more important what we are doing here and what is accepted of us. The beauty of knowing these aspects is to push the positive and pull away from the negative, thus creating a much smother and more successful life.

Numerology is a charting device that describes upon your own personal vibrations as determined by your birth date and the name. It is the way of describing how your energies have operated in the past, how they are operating now and how they are most likely to operate in the future unless you decide to handle them in a different way. Forewarned is forearmed.

Numerology itself is an offshoot of the planetary movements. Numbers are ancient which strictly speaking; neither lucky nor unlucky for any one they depend entirely on expression of harmony that the person has with vibrations affecting them. The science goes far and it has been proven to me that it is as true with the subject as with any other occult study.

Of all the occult sciences, numerology is the most spiritual. The word spiritual is employed here as it relates to inner growth. All the occult science is tied into recantation and karma. Numerology is interlock with the other so called occult sciences- astrology, the tarot, and so on. From each is learned a little that represents the whole. All are interrelated. Each complements each other, with all being equally true. There is no set meaning to any single number. They all have positive and or negative aspects. The same number can mean peace of war. It depends upon what is operating with it, and whether the individual himself is either positive or negative.


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